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What you need to know...


Prices are displayed in GBP. The total order price includes taxes and shipping charges as applicable. We reserve the right to change prices on the website up until the point of sale.

You agree to the creation and sale of a piece on order and once you have placed your order, you will not be able to change or cancel it. Preparation of the piece for delivery will begin upon payment being received in full.


Please allow a period of between 6-8 weeks for your order, this is because all the work is custom made. If the item you are ordering is already in stock, it will be delivered sooner than this. I may need additional time to create new commissioned pieces.

The artisan experience of making things by hand is one in contrast to a life programmed by AI and run on automation. It's a reminder of being human. This, very deliberately, colours the approach I take, taking time to slow down and connect with the making process, the experience of holding things in our hands and being touched by them.

Every piece I make is designed to have be contemplative and meditative in character. The personal touch is also a part of the experience of ordering and dispatch. This means every endeavour is made to get things shipped to you as soon as possible. 


Please be aware that shipping times may vary slightly depending on the work schedule in the studio week by week.

I am shipping primarily to the UK for the time being, with shipping to Europe and the US also available through the website.

If you'd like to arrange something outside of this it can be arranged, please contact me directly to do that.

Your Sales Data

The data provided in your transactions with me will be kept private. It will handled in accordance with the requirements of GDRP. It will never be sold. All sales are governed by the laws of England.